We are a vent hood cleaning company that was established in 2009. Our husband and wife team can take care of all your fire safety needs. We are fully licensed, bonded, NFPA certified, IKEKA certified and insured. We work extremely hard for customer satisfaction!


We plastic the vent hood in a funnel shape so that grease does not fall on the floor. We spray biodegradable chemical on the hood, duct, fan blades, and fan bowl. While the chemical eats away at the grease, we use scrapers to scrape out the grease. Next we use a 4000 psi hot water power washer to take off anything left. The heat from the power washer also disinfects. On the roof, we clean 6 feet around the fan on each side. Finally we clean the filters, mop the floor from any grease, and polish the vent hood to make it shine!